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my mission is providing straightforward steps to personal growth with humor and authenticity, so you can live a better life.  


it’s all about you…but not how you think.  every occurrence is a chance to learn about yourself, not blame, judge or criticize.   

the only way out is through.  face problems head-on and they’ll gradually diminish.  avoid them and they last forever.  

stuff is not the solution.  streamline your routine and possessions for more clarity and focus.

that was intense!  but overall: you are endless potential.  act like it.

consistentkarma helps you cozy up to these ideas by addressing both the practical: minimizing, products, productivity, habits, and the personal: advice, perspective, stories.


new posts are published on Tuesday, and cover self-improvement, minimalism, and productivity.  nearly all are based on personal experiences.  i share my stories because i don’t have it figured out.  i’m in the trenches with readers.  

plus, stories are powerful.  by humanizing the abstract and bringing theories into practice, they are a fun way to illustrate and remember challenging lessons.   

besides, i make a lot of mistakes.     

sometimes i review recommended products, answer a reader’s question, or elaborate on a useful article.  if you have ideas for future posts, you can submit them here.


hey, i’m Julia.  i was never a great writer in school.  but i constantly made up stories and secretly suspected there was a connection between the written word and me.

then I spent years denying it.

writing’s too hard, scary, thankless, lonely, humiliating, infuriating.  that sort of thing.

then, after owning a copy for five (5!) years, i finally completed The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron in 2013.  that changed everything.

in the book, Cameron describes “shadow artists” as people who “often choose shadow careers—those close to the desired art, even parallel to it, but not the art itself.”   

and it clicked.  i realized both my master’s degree (in journalism) and my subsequent job (in PR) were “shadow artist” roles.  journalism was a “safe” way to write and ostensibly be creative, but really i was telling other peoples’ stories.  likewise with PR.  i could hide behind the client.  

i have nothing against these professions.  but for someone like me—timid in her creative abilities—they were ideal fields for staying invisible.    

so in fall of 2014, i quit my job to write full-time.  consistentkarma is the fruit of my decision.

i live in LA, which is way cooler than the rest of America would have you believe.  

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