yesterday i discovered ylvis’ “the fox” video, which systematically took the world by storm for the past month while i did what, exactly?  learned to meditate? 

not only am i beyond late on this, guess who told me?  a friend who these days is mainly the devoted but exhausted mother of an adorable insomniac 6-month-old boy.  she has time for forest animals dancing with lasers?   i, utterly without dependents, am supposed to be her importer of cool, like a messenger in ancient Greece, bursting at the seams with entertainment news.  in a just world i would have taught her the fox dance.  but no.

and it gets worse, because who told her?  none other than her devoted but exhausted husband/father of said insomniac baby.   

in an effort to patch my bruised ego i’m pretending they tuned in with the genuine hope of solving the age-old question. “honey, we need an airtight fox sound answer before our son realizes we’re avoiding the issue.” 

i’ve only watched it twice but yeah, the song’s stuck in my head.  it’s a lesser gangyam style, which at least provided an indispensible public service—creatively satirizing the super-rich.

but while what foxes say is precisely the sort of crap included in my daydreams, i don’t expect anyone else to consider it.

 so the fact someone, or several someone’s, tackled the matter head-on kind of warms my heart.  kind of.

because on the other hand what did this cost to produce?  by the looks of it, (and looking at it is exactly the extent of my research) probably more than the average Haitian can expect to earn in his lifetime. 

additionally, what does it say about us as a society that it’s popular?  people are so weird. 

who knew this is (partly) what the internet would be used for?

are we so emotionally downtrodden (by the end of summer and breaking bad) that only norwegians in animal costumes can reliably cheer us up?

i just hope there’s a sociology Phd student hard at work on a dissertation and eventual book about this phenomenon of minutiae becoming the topic of internationally viral videos.  i cannot wait to read it.