gain disguised as loss

at the end of yoga tonight my favorite teacher announced she’s moving all her classes to a new branch of the studio that’s opening in Hollywood, i.e., exponentially removed from me.  right now, i take her class tuesday and thursday nights and saturday mornings.  her replacement is a much younger and less experienced teacher.   i am beyond pissed and feel so abandoned.  change is not my strong suit.  and the principal-obsessed part of me is hung up on the experience gap between my current teacher and the new one.  “it’s not an equitable trade.  it’s not fair!”

first-world problem, right?  morons would comfort me with one or more of the following:

“it’s just exercise.” 

“how different can one teacher be from another?”

“don’t you already know how to do everything anyway?”

but i practice daily.  yoga’s all but a part-time job for me, so when three of my classes per week are taken over by someone i consider unprepared for the task, it all hits the fan.

while mentally composing this on my drive home tonight “breathe” by cinematic orchestra popped up on my sweet october mix.  its yummy agony encapsulates my unhappiness.  it’s all i want to listen to until further notice.

 but rather than wallowing in my frustration and generally bummed-out state i’ll share some coping concepts. as it turns out, the nifty thing about self-help is its versatility.  julia cameron describes anger in The Artist’s Way as “the invitation to action.”  essentially, what are you going to do about it? what is the next right thing? 

another important belief shift is “gain disguised as loss.”  how can i frame this positively?  what on earth is good here?

in my case i’m already thinking, “there’s a late afternoon class on saturdays i could take instead.  maybe now i’ll go hiking in the mornings or finally get back to surfing.”  in fact, i used to take that saturday afternoon class.  i just forgot about it.  i’m not sure yet what i’ll do about tuesday and thursday nights, but “just suck it up” comes to mind.

the point is, we can choose our reaction.  gain disguised as loss.  try it.