i know, i know. blogger fail.

it appears i haven't posted in a bit.

i swear i have a bunch of half-baked posts lined up.  i’m still figuring out how to fit this in with the rest of my life, so please bear with me. 

for the curious, here’s a partial list of the obligations/nuisances getting in the way of my writing regularly:

  • persuading my belligerent, asinine landlord to replace our thrice-broken washing machine
  • gently guiding guys away from scarily bad dive bars, which are inappropriate date locales for a lady of my stature
  • needing more sleep because the weather is colder (it’s science, people)
  • keeping myself fed, clothed and meditated

things are generally a little gross, but slowly getting better.  i know you’re out there, waiting for more.  in fact, i can feel one reader’s disappointment all the way from the Upper West Side. 

soon, kids.  soon.