Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

i saw him a few sundays ago at the Bowl (world's greatest concert venue).  and oh my god was he incredible.  

was he a great performer?  not really.  he may have been stoned (his eyes are so glassy!)  and he spent A LOT of time puttering around onstage, dragging the super rich from the orchestra pit in the hopes they'd sing and dance with him.   success was limited.

but the thing that completely blew me away was his appearance.  this dude who showed up at the hollywood bowl in torn pants held up my a rainbow-y scarf and a shirt the cleanliness of which my date and i debated.  i contended it was stained but recently, if not freshly, laundered.  while my date said it was stained, end of story.

and his hair!  does anyone know its length?  it was piled on top of his head with some slim clip contraption most women probably don't even own.   

so he looked rather...unkempt.  but the thing that blew me away was how he completely owned it.  i kept saying to my date, "i want to know what his daily life is like!"  and he diligently responded, "i don't think it includes much showering."  

but i really wanted to know.  i understand musicians get away with a lot of eccentric behavior with no one flinching, but still.  here's a dude performing in front of hundreds (thousands?  no idea, bad with numbers) of people and there's a really good chance he didn't even shower before going on stage.

the powerful takeaway for me, which has been running through my head ever since, is this: if we're living in a world where a guy as haphazard and generally spaced out as alex ebert can crush a performance at the bowl, then there's no reason i can't be successful at this blog.  there is absolutely nothing preventing me from being undeniably awesome and incredible at this.  and that is what i think about all the time.  thank you, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

p.s. "that's what's up" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj0Ha7Xkw7Y