i think fairfax's your best bet.

i recently realized a uniquely L.A. relationship test-- your willingness to share driving routes.  everyone has those secret streets we're convinced no one else knows exist.  other cars drive "our" street is sheer coincidence.  

once upon a time i was on a date.   as he drove us to a concert at the bowl he obsessed with the user-generated traffic route app waze ("have you heard of saturn street??") at every red light, wondering if the suggested route was the best one.  in a fit of affection i almost shared my treasured north-south route.  

the words were nearly out of my mouth when i suddenly thought: "wait a minute.  i don't like you enough to invite you to my private thoroughfare.  i don't like you enough to sit behind you in traffic."

as for the name of that north-south street, it starts with a letter of the latin alphabet.