when it's over.

you always know a relationship is done before anyone says or does anything final.  the signs are always there if only we'd look more logically.  

i recently went through this and the most powerful clue was my phone suddenly not pinging text alerts all the (damn) time.   obviously this indicated a lack of interest on his part, but bear with me.  the lack of sound was its own signal.

what's the sound of your iphone's now-iconic tri-tone text alert *not* chiming?  

what you hear instead is everything else, but muffled.  there's a thick cloud around your head like a cloth bandage.  this is intentional.  the rest of the world is dimmer by default, assisting you in your crusade to hear the tri-tone first, as soon as it becomes audible.   

and so you wait, keeping your phone close, practically tasting the sweet victory of him finally (finally!) texting again.

exept he dosen't.