namaste, labor day (kinda rhymes)

tomorrow morning i leave for my first ever yoga retreat!  officially it's yoga and hiking, at sagrada wellness in santa margarita, outside san luis obispo.   

before reserving my place i felt, in order: 

1. anxiety about the communal bedroom.  i almost never want to share a bedroom.    

2. panic regarding the communal bathroom.  no need to return to dorm life. 

3. general uncertainty about going to the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers.  self-explanatory, i think.

4. freaked out about actually going somewhere and spending money.  oh, the horror of treating oneself!   (n.b. i can't even say/type/think "treat yourself" without thinking of this:

but i forged ahead and booked my spot.  and slowly, all that general shittiness and fear transformed into the following:

1. indignation.  who the hell cares that i'm going on a yoga retreat by myself?  i'm a yoga badass and i'll be surrounded by other likeminded people.  people who won't flinch when i whip out my neti pot in the communal bathroom.

2. excitement.  as i've been telling everyone who will listen, or at least hear me, i've never been so enthused about driving 3.5 hours to spend 4 days with a bunch of strangers.  i think i'll meet cool folks.

3. curiosity, part 1.   i've never done this before.  there's going to be so much to learn from a new teacher, a new environment and new classmates.

4. curiosity, part 2.  i wonder how it'll feel to hike 1.5 hours and do 2, 1.5 hour yoga classes per day.  i packed tiger balm.  plus, it's a new environment to explore.  in my 3 years in la,  i've never been north of santa barbara.  

 i'll write while i'm there and post my writing and photos when i get back.