happy new year!

before i start yapping about myself, i wish you all peace, focus, love, happiness, prosperity and fearlessness this year and always.  get excited about your potential and achieve great things.   

new year, old song:

Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game 

frankly i’ve only recently come to enjoy this “new year in January” thing.  for the longest time september was the logical beginning for me, as i plowed my way through the American educational system and upgraded classroom, school supplies and wardrobe each fall with a fresh blast of crisp autumn air.  the feeling even continued for a few years after i graduated college.

then i moved to LA.

here God only knows what season it is and overall months are confusing because the weather doesn’t adhere to any recognizable pattern.  instead, most days feature 25-degree temperature ranges.   plus i don’t have any little kids in my life to alert me of upcoming holidays, so i’ve been using life events to anchor myself in time, which sounds like something early humans did to spice up their oral histories.

and while it’s impressive to recall, “Sam actually wasn’t at Jill’s birthday party in 2007 since he’d already left for the Peace Corps in Madagascar because i remember i’d gotten a letter from him the previous week in this really cool, retro-looking air mail envelope,” it also gets creepy. 

thus, weird LA weather and my freakish long-term memory have led me to embrace the new calendar year as a life organizational tool. 

and getting on board with the socially-accepted new year is so exciting!  Leo Babauta, over at zenhabits.net, has the brilliant idea of making 12 new habits a year, focusing on one each month.  i highly recommend his approach.

i gained several new habits in 2013.  some were intentional but others came naturally as results of earlier changes.

  • i’ve become an early riser
  • i do The Artist’s Way stuff
  • i meditate
  • i visualize like i mean it

and here are my resolutions for the new year:

  • meditate each morning, but that won’t be possible unless i
  • turn off iPhone during morning pages (3 pages of free writing i do as soon as i get up daily, part of The Artist’s Way) to prevent time-wasting
  • do something for blog daily (not necessarily a post)
  • continue with Taoism
  • re-read The Artist’s Way in march
  • visit one new place a week