extensive internet research one week ago today culminated in the decision that i'm allergic to gluten AND dairy.  so, like the impatient zealot i am, i immediately cut them out of my diet.   "just go paleo," i told myself, which i've been toying with for a bit.

wheat-y items were given to friends and room mate, an opened roll of crackers was dumped in water, and rice that had already been cooked was eaten gleefully because it's gluten free.   no, it isn't paleo but there are starving kids in thailand, precisely where my rice came from, and that is just too much.

those who know me would acknowledge it was only a matter of time before i got on this particular high maintenance bandwagon, but the truth is i was already there.  just consider: i've got seasonal allergies, general sinus congestion, a latex allergy (now there's a fun one), rosacea, poor vision, a crooked spine, dry skin, ear irritation.  i'm the ultra fussy only child from tales of british boarding school kids!  i am piggy from lord of the flies

overall, i feel really, really good eating this way.  except when i don't. because there's a point in every day when i feel groggy, short of breath, intensely nauseous and like i'm about to make bad decisions.  but not all at once, fortunately.  apparently this is what coming off gluten does to you.   i temporarily freak out that i'm doing irreparable damage to my body, but they pass and i go back to feeling balanced. 

although i love me some carbs, rather than feeling wistful about pizzas past, i'm getting empowered.  now i get to be both dr. frankenstein AND his monster.  how cool is that?  (i'm also seeing an allergist next week)

i am emphatically not a "foodie," which is too close to "fatty" in my mind.  i eat to live, and dinner is often the same parade of salad, tuna, quinoa and seeds from one of four identical stainless steel IKEA bowls.  this is kinda what it looks like: