driving home from an aggressive yoga class, i was calm but energized.  it was a couple days after daylight savings time ended and already very dark, very early.  but KCSN, the radio station that comes closest to replicating my music collection, was playing an all-around amazing song. 

grooving along, i recognized it as a great moment, one tarnished only by my chronic inability to decipher song lyrics.  i am so bad at this i occasionally wonder if i know English at all.   most people would shazam immediately, but it can be ultra fussy- it can’t hear or gather enough info.  in short, it disappoints more often than not.

plus, for me, nothing compares to hunting down a song and artist based on a few lyrics scribbled on scrap paper at a red light.  call it what you will- post-modern scavenger hunt, lunacy, making life more difficult than necessary, i don’t care.  it’s my instinct and the good, clean fun in which i choose to partake. 


here’s the song, “1998” by chet faker. what if this song were around in 1998?

1998, from Built on Glass out now here - Credits Production Company: Flutter Director: Domenico Bartolo Artist: Grace Lee ( Animation: Stephen Elliget, Glenn Hatton, Domenico Bartolo, Neil Sanders. Producer: Li Liang Johnson


once i got home, i googled the lyrics and found nicholas james murphy wrote the song while chet faker sings it.  ‘poor nicholas james murphy,’ i decided. ‘ceaselessly churning out songs while this chet faker character gets all the credit.’

now i was on a mission to contact NJM and thank him for his hard work in the face of obscurity.  catapulting myself into the future, i imagined my little email reaching the poor, unknown songwriter through his overheated, gigantic PC in his basement office he undoubtedly shares with 17 others- a sweatshop of songwriters.

my note of thanks would probably brighten his entire life, or at least illuminate his crappy inbox, creating a beacon of personal communication in a sea of expired Living Social deals.

in another tab, i absent-mindedly glanced at the Wikipedia page for chet faker, only to find that’s the stage name for the self-same nicholas james murphy! 

‘huh.  ok,’ i thought.  ‘the correspondence landscape has shifted a bit.’ 

how do you go about contacting an internationally-known (he’s Australian) rising (already risen?) star in the electronic music world?  i have no idea.  now this is all much more complicated and i’m invested.  i plan to contact him personally and get a response.  to be continued…

i hope you’re down here because you read to the end.  let’s assume you did.  as a reward for finishing, here’s "talk is cheap" by chet faker: 

The first single from Chet Faker's debut album 'Built On Glass', out April 11 on Future Classic / Downtown Records. Directed by Toby & Pete Cinematographer: Dan Freene Future Classic is an artist management team, record label & music publisher based in Sydney.