yoga is my flu shot

that’s not my quote, unfortunately.  one of my yoga teachers called it out during class when she saw the tell-tale vaccination bandage on a student’s upper arm. 

my teacher’s thinking was, since our immune systems are strong at the moment by plenty of physical activity, why not save the vaccination for later in life, when getting a flu shot could save our lives?   

for the record, i don’t have strong opinions on the flu shot.  over the years, i’ve gotten it when my mom reminded me and when, as an office worker, my boss requested it.  i generally take a laissez-faire approach to illness.  if i get sick, it means i need to slow down.  and i do.

but i do have strong opinions on being told to do stuff and her comment got me thinking. what are we doing merely because people tell us to, or since it’s the norm, or out of habit?  what if we first asked ourselves, “why am i doing this? is it necessary?  what happens if i don’t?”