where's julia?

hey dudes,

sorry for the lack of action over here.  i've been busy with the following:

  • ordering my first pair of converse (it's the little things)
  • reading "the untethered soul" by michael a. singer.  and you should be, too.  i finished last night and i'm going to re-read it immediately.
  • making friends at yoga (!)
  • corresponding online with a guy whose username is "no_YOU_calm_down." can't decide if that's a giant red flag or the funniest thing i've read in weeks.
  • doing the artist's way!  i've decided to go through the 12-week course every March.  it's a tad labor intensive.
  • getting into the national's "trouble will find me" a mere 10 months after everyone else.  all i can say is, wow, "graceless" makes me wish i were a drummer:

from youtube.