camp grounded, (i.e. i want to go to there)

i subscribe to a weekly yoga newsletter that emphasizes weekend fun but is published on Tuesday.  since i respect and share their forward thinking i usually open it, unlike most of the electronic crapola i agreed to receive.

last week’s issue linked to Camp Grounded, a digital-technology-free summer camp in the Redwoods for adults.  for a weekend, you and a bunch of strangers take over (overtake?) a former scout camp. 

after checking your highfalutin technology into a locker, assuming a nickname, and vowing to not discuss w-o-r-k, you, as they put it, disconnect to reconnect. 

at least check out their site, because if that doesn’t get you in the mood for summer, nothing will. 

for a while afterward i couldn’t do anything but grin as i read everything on their site.  from my phone.  irony noted.  i’m definitely going next summer.  i have my nickname—ninja puppy—picked out and everything.