Anti-Anything = That Thing. Every Time.

A week ago, I shared Kyle Cease’s quote, I've never tried meditating for four years uninterrupted, but here we go!” 

Although really, any length of time can be continuous meditation.  Sure, it’s hard.  But what a cool attempt. 

Rather than obsessing over the world out there, you turn in.  To the workshop of you.  Under a cloud of personal transformation, you churn through dilemmas, adjust your mindset, and become a beacon.  What does that mean?  It's understanding the following:

  • Obsessing over an opponent fuels him

  • Negative energy is energy nonetheless  

  • Pro-peace beats anti-war every time

  • Anti-anything is still that thing

Imagine a parent redirecting a child—if they’re any good at the job, they go beyond “don’t pick up trash.”  They hand the kid a toy.  Or start telling a story.  Or counting objects.  They do whatever it takes to shift the child’s energy to an alternative, while the original fixation is abandoned

Ignore behavior you don’t like and undermine it shrewdly by strengthening its opposite.  You might say this is wishful thinking.  Fine.  At least it’s thinking.  Rather than reactive and embittered it's proactive and concentrated.   But it's not for everyone.  Complaining is infinitely easier.