arbiter of cool, issue 13

song: "past lives" by BØRNS

"Past Lives" by BØRNS, via YouTube.

audio only, but still the most musical fun i've had since last friday.


"it's all about paying attention.  attention is vitality.  it connects you with others." - susan sontag, via "show your work!" by austin kleon.


i recently re-joined twitter (@julia_gabrick) because it's convenient (if still hideous).  as if to prove its utility, the site immediately slammed this reassuring and inspiring article -- "Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice for Struggling Artists -- from in my face.  it melts my heart with its honesty and inspiration.  

plus, it's excerpted from a new book-- "getting there: a book of mentors."  remember when i made him laugh?

something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful:

"escape or die" is the true story of somali pirates taking over a cargo ship in the indian ocean in 2010.  fascinating and terrifying.  in this week's new yorker.