arbiter of cool, issue 14

  • song:  "the chase" by future islands

this is a new release, guys!  i heard it on Wednesday while moving my room mate's car.  we have tandem parking and his radio was on KCSN, fantastic public radio out of Cal-State, Northridge.  there's no video but on pitchfork you can watch them perform on Letterman.  

since there's no music video today here's a cool photo instead.  it's by  Ståle Grut  via .

since there's no music video today here's a cool photo instead.  it's by Ståle Grut via

  • quote

“Someone who shows up with enthusiasm made a decision before she even encountered what was going on. The same thing is true for the guy who scowls with contempt before the customer opens his mouth.

It’s a choice.

This choice is contagious.

This choice changes what will happen next.

This choice is at the heart of what it takes to be successful at making change or performing a service.

More than you imagine, we get what we expect.”

– from seth godin, via

  • article

i love james altucher, and if you're remotely interested in improving your life, you should, too.  since discovering him last summer, i've read his book titled "choose yourself!"  this article about elon musk is a great intro to altucher's thinking and fantastic in its own right.  

  • something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful is a beautiful site dedicated to typography, graphics, and modernism.  just looking at it will make you feel tidier and more organized.