arbiter of cool, issue 15

hey kids,

starting monday i'm scaling back and will only post three times a week--monday, wednesday, and friday.  this will give me more time to promote the blog and for cool upcoming projects.  have a great weekend!

  • song: "your soul" by hippie sabotage

because let's face it: hippies sabotage everything except this song.  

  • quote

"all he asked for was a bit of silence, a bit of shush so he could concentrate.  he wanted it to be perfectly quiet and still, like the inside of an empty confessional or the moment in the brain between thought and speech." --from "white teeth," by zadie smith  (emphasis mine)

  • article

people might finally be sick of twitter.  welcome to my army of one.  by caitlin dewey for the washington post.   

  • something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful

the truth is always revealed.  but the longer you ignore it, the more damage it does to get your attention.   that's one of my takeaways from melissa hughes' article "starting over at 35," from medium.