arbiter of cool, issue 21

song: "nice and slow" by max frost


from the excellent summer fiction issue of The New Yorker is a story by Jonathan Safran Foer titled, “Love is Blind and Deaf.” 

it’s about Adam and Eve, where the former is blind and the latter is deaf, so things like Eve’s “splotchy birthmark” and “rotated incisor” or Adam being “weakly narcissistic” and “unwonderfully childlike” are non-issues.  do i know what it’s about?  only partly.  my reading comprehension skills aside, this ending blew me away:

‘They were always inventing new ways not to be aware of the canyon between them. 

And the unseeing and unhearing God in whose image they were created sighed, “They’re so close.”

“Close?” the angel asked.

“They’re always inventing new ways not to be aware of the canyon between them, but it’s a canyon of tiny distances: a sentence or a silence here, a closing or an opening of space there, a moment of difficult truth or of difficult generosity.  That’s all.  They’re always at the threshold.”

“Of paradise?” the angel asked, watching the humans reach for each other yet again.

“Of peace,” God said, turning the page of a book without edges.  “They wouldn’t be so restless if they weren’t so close.”’


"timidity slows down the learning process." how kitesurfing in Egypt relates to everything.  by Tristan Montebello, via Medium.  

something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful: 

slow-motion footage of exploding plants, compiled by the Smithsonian, via YouTube.