arbiter of cool, issue 27

  • song: "kites" by geographer

don't you dare stop listening before the 48-second mark.  

"Kites" by Geographer, via YouTube.

  • quote

"We must work on our lives the way we would work on any other project.  Instead of knowledge, pleasure, or happiness, the purpose of life is to create something meaningful that will endure after we're gone." --from "The Tower" by Chris Guillebeau

  • article

L.A. has always felt like a city in a developing country--wild income fluctuations, with the haves and have nots carefully separated and leading disparate lives.  now, there are gorgeous aerial photos to prove it. 

Jeffrey Milstein, a 71-year-old photographer, took a series of photos of L.A. and N.Y.C. while dangling out of a helicopter, as one does at that age.   

through the number (or lack) of trees and swimming pools and concrete-to-grass ratios, the economic differences become obvious and unignorable.

if you're in L.A., the photos are on view at Kopeikin Gallery through August 22.  if you're not in L.A., you should be.

  • something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful

Phoenix, a German film starring Nina Hoss.  

i cannot wait to see this.  here's the deal: after undergoing reconstructive surgery, a former nightclub singer and concentration camp survivor returns to Berlin in 1945.   she finds her husband, who doesn't (or refuses to?) recognize her.  that's all i'm sharing.  cue mistaken identity!  deceit!  betrayal!    

Phoenix Official US Release Trailer (2015) - Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld. Directed by Christian Petzold (Barbara). via YouTube.