becoming and remaining CEO of your mind

last week, i used this concept to stop freaking out.  reminding myself i didn’t have to feel stressed and could decide to not worry restored my control.   here’s what i realized and how you can use it.

in the grand scheme, you are CEO of your thoughts.  the problem arises from the input you receive from the entire company.  suggestions and thoughts cross your desk all day.  they accumulate while turn off the office lights before going home for the night.  in the morning you find a large pile that grows all day.    

clearly, there are too many ideas to take each one seriously.  instead of getting overwhelmed and insisting this is a priceless thought!  from someone in my company!, get over it and evaluate rigorously. 

the key to deciding an idea's value is considering its source.  where did this thought originate?  from the hungover summer intern who’s shown up in the same clothes for three days?  the oddball conspiracy theorist tech dude?  the new guy no one understands?  the administrator who’s been around forever and is generally reliable?  or the gossip-y saboteurs

replace those office archetypes with your thoughts and see how it changes your perspective.  in my case, i took the gossips seriously instead of seeing their nerve-racking information messages as a desire to cause trouble. 

the tech guy creates suspicion and mistrust while the administrator is your conscience. the new guy is a wildcard and the intern is just the alcohol talking. 

create any caricatures that give you distance from your thoughts.  they aren’t all created equal.  and definitely don’t let a wasted 19-year-old run the company.