believe it'll be there

abundance: part 3 of 4

similar to how your retainer didn’t work unless you wore it, the abundance mindset won’t help if you don’t trust it.   you cultivate abundance by believing in abundance.  air your doubts, then give it a chance.   

here’s how i used the abundance mindset to snag parking and make it to yoga after work for two years. 

when i worked in an office, i finished at 5.30.  but my yoga class started at 6.  (someday i’ll tell stories that aren’t about cars and yoga.  promise.)  the drive took 20-minutes during rush hour.  plus, i had to park and change once i arrived. 

my goal became to park in an area where i'd face the right direction to help me arrive on time.  the problem?  it was small, only accommodating 10 cars.

naturally, these spots were taken when i arrived in the morning.  but i didn’t freak out.  instead, i imagined them opening up, trusted they would, and went about my morning. 

at lunch I took a walk and often rounded the corner to discover several open spots.  or i’d see cars pulling away as i walked down the street, giving me my pick of first-rate parking.  it was incredible.  

even if the street was full i stayed calm.  i went on my walk, trusting i’d find something when i came back.  i almost always did.

but not every time.  occasionally, the street was still full.  regardless, i maintained my faith in the process.  in turn, it kept me on time for yoga. 

ideal parking spot or not, over 2 years i was officially late for yoga only 8 to 10 times.  mostly i slipped into the room right before the door closed.  sometimes i was early.  but i was never turned away after the five- to ten-minute grace period, nor did i skip class entirely because i was too late. 

CAVEAT: just like you have to intentionally shift your mindset to abundance, you have to help the universe help you. 

i trusted it would meet me halfway but pulled my own weight.  i didn’t stay inside all day hoping my car would re-park, or that i’d leave work early.  instead, I looked for spaces and moved my car as soon as I saw them.  as Julia Cameron wrote in The Artist’s Way, “pray to catch the bus, then run as fast as you can.”

even after i came to expect the abundance, i still consciously imagined receiving it every day.   i also stayed grateful.  sometimes after getting a prime space, a car ahead of me would leave.  although i was already set, i’d pull into it as an act of gratitude.  it was my way of saying, ‘thank you for this abundance, even if it’s a single car length closer.’