dude, where's my post?

i know, i know.  you were supposed to have a fresh, useful post this morning.  instead you're reading sentences with an excuse-y feeling nestled beneath a title referring to a 15-year-old stoner movie.  not promising.

here's what happened.

i spent all of yesterday writing and proofreading a post.   after i scheduled it to go live this morning and walked away, i realized, it's not good enough.  

actually, the exact thought was, no one should read that.  it's terrible.  

ironically, the post described my creative routines, suggestions for finding your own, and how i spend my day.  and frankly, sometimes i spend my day working hard on writing that goes nowhere.  

while i'm trying to keep my commitment to regularly providing practical, actionable advice, doing so also means occasionally scrapping everything.   

to be clear, i hate missing deadlines and bellyaching about it equally.  just wanted to let you know what's going on.