this guy’s written every day for the past 737 days. you can, too.

i found this essay yesterday, seeking inspiration about my personal plan to write 1,000 words a day, which i’ll elaborate on next week.

the author, Jaime Todd Rubin, writes daily by:

  • jotting notes about where to start the night before,
  • always finding at least 10 minutes, which often leads to finding another 10,
  • maintaining several projects, so he always has something to work on if one story’s problematic,
  • keeping “emergency scenes” tucked away for each piece

perhaps my favorite aspect of these strategies is while they are officially writing hacks, you can modify them for other goals. 

let’s face it: having a plan, knowing the smallest action you can execute immediately, and carving out a measly 10 minutes will move anything forward.

i’m impressed by how he plunges right in and that 10 minutes yields 1 page of writing.

no doubt the repetition makes beginning fluid and natural, not daunting. 

read every word of the article.  then read the comments.  then start writing.

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