get up, stand up

sitting is the new smoking.  no, wait, that’s not right.  sitting is the new cancer

regardless of what the action is being compared to—a habit, a disease, whatever—the fact remains that sitting for long periods is bad. 

and despite my refrains of “human beings are supposed to stand” and “we're designed to walk” addressed to anyone who will listen, i realized i was guilty of sitting too much. 

standing to stretch every 20 minutes sounded like the right schedule, and thus began my search for an app to remind me to, in the the words of the late Bob Marley, “get up, stand up,” periodically. 

repeat timer (free!) beats them all.  the design is minimalist and straightforward.  plus, it has the option to repeat every 20 minutes for a maximum of five sessions, so you’re only resetting it about every hour and a half.   i recommend the “service bell” chime option. 

upping the ante from Pavlov’s dogs, i often find myself wondering when it’s time to stand up shortly before the timer dings.

it’s a little creepy sometimes but i feel so much better when i’m forcing myself off my butt throughout the day.

the point is—stand while you still can.