gift guide--"i think they'll like this..."

sometimes, the people we actually want to give presents to are the most difficult to buy for.  the stakes feel impossibly high and you're left wondering, "why is this so hard?  do i even know this person?"  

today's suggestions are a little quirkier and geared toward their aspirations (going paperless!  keeping plants alive!) and indulgences (candles and solid notebooks).  because presumably you know their goals and desires, right?  and whenever possible, focus on experiences over objects: concert tickets, massage gift certificates, a Day of Organizing with Julia.  check the notebook and elephant photos at the bottom for other heartfelt examples.

Doxie Go Plus scanner ($179)—this is a wireless, portable scanner with built-in battery.  charge it before you leave, then scan on the go and download the documents to your computer later.  it’s light and ideal for going paperless.

PADDYWAX candles ($17)  i’m not a candle kind of girl, but after a lot of sniffing, i bought this as a “you can do thanksgiving alone” present.  it smells great and is paraffin-free.  100% natural, soy-wax, hand-poured into an up-cycled wine bottle.

Moleskine notebooks ($9.95-$22.95) you knew they were coming, right?  there are so many options, just visit the site.  i gave the above set to a couple with a toddler, suggesting they keep them on hand to record the cute stuff he says.

anything in a mason jar.  all dry baking ingredients with the recipe card attached to the lid, succulents, hair ties.  whatever you put inside these makes you appear hip, wholesome, and crafty, regardless of the truth.

two of something.  buy two of something and give one to a friend.  it’s the adult version of those “best friends” bracelets that, when joined, form a complete heart.   a friend brought this stone-carved elephant for me from India.  since she has an identical one, i always think of her when i see mine.  

Chronicle Books stationery ($9.95-$21.99) it's always good to replenish someone's reserves, inspiring them to write for themselves or to keep in touch with you the old-fashioned way.