gift guide--wellness

my general thinking with our bodies is, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  therefore, most of these options are about waking up your senses.  like yesterday's gifts, they either diminish with use or last a long time.  

eye mask: welcome to the best sleep of your life, people.  it seems like a 1950s movie star eccentricity, but it isn’t.

high thread-count cotton sheets.  organic if you like.  they’re the only way to go.  you reach a point where anything else feels like sandpaper.

lip gloss all 5      2015-11-25 09.01.15.jpg

Sugar lip balm set (price varies widely, do your research)  little series of useful items are the best.  other options are soaps and nail polish.

dry brush 1     2015-11-25 08.50.17.jpg

dry brush ($9.99) straight gentlemen readers, please consider this for yourselves.  as much as ladies love cool j, they also love smooth skin.  which is why they have it.  reciprocate.  it’s so good to dry brush right before a shower.  it loosens dead skin cells, then the water washes them away, leaving you feeling (and looking) like a shiny penny.

scalp massager by Kikkerland.  ($2.00!) i don't remember mine being that cheap, but the price should be controlled, like that of bread and milk, so everyone can afford one.  it feels so good—relaxing and stimulating at the same time.  plus, it looks arty enough to leave on your nightstand.  here's a quote about it from an Amazon review: 

The law of diminishing returns does not apply to this product. It is every bit as euphoria-inducing as it is the first time you use it. Never before or since have I felt such serenity as I do when stroking my cranium with this majestic apparatus. A worldwide fundraising project to provide every man, woman and child one of these is the clear way to world peace.

head massager 1    2015-11-25 08.48.12.jpg

SPOONK  1                       2015-06-12 12.08.50.jpg

Spoonk acupressure mat: everyone i’ve ever shown this to makes a horrible face when they first see it.  why, indeed, would anyone willingly put themselves on a mat with 6,210 spikes of plastic? 

then they try it. 

i use mine nightly before bed and have even fallen asleep on it.  the best aspect is that it's passive stimulation, so you can lie on it or rest your bare feet on it while reading in bed.