here’s the deal, dudes.

for the first time, i’m bringing a guy to a wedding.  grad school friends are getting married in the bay area this weekend, so i’m suddenly co-starring in the world’s longest date, featuring a road trip, a wedding, an airbnb stay, squatting at a stranger’s San Francisco apartment, and hanging out with friends i haven’t seen in ages. 

as a lead-up, i’ve freaked out about: the longevity of the avocados in my fridge (what will happen to them while i’m away?), getting my first spray tan (so far so good, but a lot of work up front), and most importantly, how will everything go?

earlier today, i caught myself mid-worry and remembered,

you don’t have to feel this way.  you’re CEO of your inner landscape.  you can simply look forward to Big Weekend of Fun, 2015. 

i’ll have more on this concept next week. but for now, i’m getting excited.