how to change your perception of time

decades ago, Einstein discovered relativity and time dilation.  here's how to use the theories so you never fight the clock again.  

in The Big Leap, which i discussed last week, the author, Gay Hendricks, explains the differences between Newton’s and Einstein’s theories of time.  Newton believed time is scarce and there can never be enough of it.  since it’s a limited resource, we wind up feeling time pressure and stress.  sound familiar?

on a happier note, this is how Einstein described the flexible nature of time:

“When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it's longer than any hour. That's relativity.”

he used that statement as the abstract for "On the Effects of External Sensory Input on Time Dilation," a paper he published in 1938.  and people say scholars don’t have senses of humor. 

we’ve all watched the clock at some point.  did it help?  or was it only when gave up staring and engaged in another activity that time passed? 

if you involve yourself completely with what you’re doing—even if it isn’t your version of hanging out with an attractive person—time will pass faster than if you fight it.

that’s simple enough.  but another implication is we are where time comes from.  we’re the source of time and stress about time.  how is this possible?

when you bring feelings of capability and abundance to your tasks (“i can make as much time as i need,” “i have plenty of time”) instead of the victim attitude of scarcity (“i’ll never finish,” “i don’t have time”) your energy is concentrated on the work, instead of freaking out. 

directed and efficient, you become streamlined and glide through obstacles like the water animal of your choice.  i call sea otter!

factually speaking, are you creating more time?  no, but time is relative anyway.  so its passage is an issue of mindset more than pure scientific fact.

what’s your relationship with time?  are you willing to replace feelings of powerlessness regarding time with, “i am where time comes from.  if i need more, i’ll make it”?

here’s Nick Navatta's helpful video about Einstein time.  it uses beer to explain the concept, which proves you really can find anything on the internet.