i messed up. here's how i'm fixing it.

my parents are in town!  they arrived Saturday.  i wrote this Friday, but i’m optimistic enough to say we’re all still speaking to one another and are in generally good spirits.

i’m staying with them at an airbnb in Venice and tomorrow we’re driving to Palm Desert (like Palm Springs but not as brow-beaten).  i’ll post an update in real time on Thursday.

but i was supposed to have original content for every day this week!  instead, i’ve obsessed over questions like,

  • what will i feed them? 
  • am i entertaining enough?
  • do these people even like me, or are they just using me for my celebrity connections?  

and getting my car fixed, getting a haircut, and watering my houseplants so they don’t think i’m a wild animal.  yes, these are excuses.

the lesson is, i couldn’t get out of my head enough to write hearty posts for y’all.  i am Exhibit A for the correlation between increased anxiety and decreased productivity. 

so, i failed in my quest.  you might be thinking, “don’t be so hard on yourself, julia!” sorry, but i’m not there yet.  someday, perhaps.  

a friend of mine says there are no mistakes, only lessons.  thus, my solution: tomorrow and Wednesday will feature short reviews of two helpful apps i use daily and highly recommend.  i’ve wanted to launch a productivity/useful product feature, so this is a way to test the waters. 

let me know what you think!