relaxation and creativity

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yesterday’s post was about how silence lets life flow.  accepting silence is an act of faith saying, i know this quiet looks like emptiness, but it’s fertile ground.  this space allows an inner life, a peace of mind, to flourish. 

likewise, a calm, relaxed mind allows creativity.  trust the peace, whether it’s quiet or relaxation.  @@you need to have a void before you can fill it.@@ 

kids are an excellent example of this phenomenon.  i defer again to Big Magic, when Elizabeth Gilbert cites an interview she conducted with Tom Waits, who for years had a confrontational relationship with difficult songs.

until he began noticing his kids’ behavior around their songs.  he realized they “felt fully entitled to make up songs all the time, and when they were done with them, they would toss them out “like little origami things, or paper airplanes.” 

ideas were so plentiful they were disposable.  they bubbled up like tar and would do so without human intervention.  why obsess when it's bound to happen organically?  

here’s Gilbert again, on what happened after the children threw away their songs: 

“Then they would sing the next song that came through the channel.  They never seemed to worry that the flow of ideas would dry up.  They never stressed about their creativity, and they never competed against themselves; they merely lived within their inspiration, comfortably and unquestioningly.”

because they never obsessed over the ideas disappearing, the ideas never disappeared.  hmmmmmmm.  @@in essence: ya gotta freakin’ relax.@@ 

tomorrow, we’ll look at how we handle that void in public (mis)trust ourselves and where we place it instead.