northern california update

free, abundant, street parking.

long pours of wine.

men in uniform.

joking about the last one.  they aren’t my type.

in any case, everything’s good in Monterey.  but thinking i’d have plenty of time to write was, in a word, delusional.  we’ve been busy. 

yesterday we visited adorable Carmel, via the 17-mile drive.  today we walked around Monterey and visited Pacific Grove, where we hunted for monarch butterflies—there’s a sanctuary they pass through on their winter migration south—but they haven’t arrived yet. 

tomorrow we go to Big Sur!  i’m excited to see it.  we tour Hearst Castle on Friday morning, then head to San Jose, our last stop.  i’m looking forward to visiting the Egyptian museum and sitting still for a minute.

i’d like to post photos but wifi’s rickety so i’ll do it once i’m back in LA.