ode to a product that works – Brain FM

you know the to-do list items so lofty, obscure, and irritating they never get done?  mine are:

  • call the gas company to re-light the pilot light in the electric fireplace,
  • actually resell my old Mac book instead of leaving it at the bottom of a drawer to further depreciate
  • take the comforter to the Laundromat 

the fun just never stops! 

however, each task is either complete or will be shortly.  but i hardly had anything to do with it.  let me explain. 

a couple weekends ago, my roommate bounded into the kitchen, where i stared at my stovetop espresso pot, willing it to boil.  he began rattling on about BrainFM, web-based “audio brainwave training software” designed to “tangibly improve focus, relaxation and sleep.” 

talking faster than normal, he described the intense focus and total concentration he experienced while listening to the tracks, which he’d done all week. 

it sounded great and he sure was efficient, zooming around as i awaited my caffeine injection.  then he announced he’d been up and working since 5.45 that morning

so, yes, overall, he kind of seemed like he was on speed.  but i had no proof.  he wasn’t taking it or making it, so i wasn’t flustered.  i didn’t back away slowly or begin searching for a new apartment. 

instead, i hopped online, investigated, and grabbed the same (now-expired) deal he got—a lifetime subscription to the service for $25 instead of the usual $149 via AppSumo.     

i used it all last week while writing and it is powerful.  i experienced the same synthetic-drug awareness my roommate described without damaging my brain in the process

it offers “relax” and “sleep” settings, too, but i do both of them like a professional, so i haven’t tested them yet.  each session lasts 30 minutes, and at the end you rate it on a scale of “amazing” to “not sure.”  they’re designed for immediate effectiveness, so you only need to complete three sessions per day for optimal performance.

the sounds are different each time, but the selection is created based on your feedback, so the tracks grow more effective the more you listen.

they recommend using headphones or earphones, otherwise you lose the 3-D sound.  since when is sound three-dimensional?  i don’t know.  i’m in over my head, but they spatially place sounds around you to help with your goal.  for example, in the focus sessions the sound is in front of you. 

a mobile app is on the way!  see comment below from co-founder Junaid. check it out at brain.fm or read comments from users on the Brain FM page at AppSumo.