on happy holidays, nyquil, and childhood illness revisited

happy holidays!  may the season treat you well.  a lot of overused, sappy words come to mind right now and it's hard to write this without sounding redundant and pathetic, but i'll do my best.  know that i wish you peace and joy and love, but i think you can do better.  in fact, you can learn to feel those emotions routinely, not just in december.  (i'd start with "the untethered soul").  so, here are some deeper hopes for you:

  • clarity of purpose

  • courage to pursue your goals

  • persistence in the face of adversity

  • serenity in times of difficulty

  • the ability to cultivate love and positive energy, regardless of circumstance

another thing:  in yoga the morning after thanksgiving, as the rail-thin but strong-as-hell teacher led us through 15 agonizing minutes of core exercises, she kept warning us that the holidays are "accumulation season."  meaning: we indulge to excess and then feel like crap, often making ourselves sick in the process.  at the time, i thought "fair enough," but it stuck with me.  the more i thought about it, the more accurate it sounded.  

all manner of stuff (the good, the bad, the miscellaneous) accumulates this time of year- gifts, feelings, memories, food, alcohol.  it's insane.  so, what can you get rid of, in any sense?  for me, i'm sticking to gluten- and dairy-free foods for non-holiday meals.

now for the nyquil part.  

i'd been pounding magic homeopathic pellets, but their power was waning.  after a couple days of sore throat and slight fever, i woke up this morning with both symptoms completely out of control.  my mom presented her (later revised) diagnosis- strep throat.  strep throat! i haven't even thought of that since the mid-90s.  it's still a thing?

she made me take nyquil so i could go back to sleep.  call me crazy, but my body is a temple and i steer clear of medications used to make meth.  this time, however, staying awake was too painful.  but she wasn't even done with me!   like a back-street drug dealer, she tried to push her left over amoxicillin on me, the logic being that in case it was strep i could get a head start before seeing the doctor tomorrow.  i fended her off with my laptop and weakened limbs, but agreed to the nyquil.  

so, i'm still in bed i haven't opened my presents yet, which is a personal record.  we now think i just have a fever and sore throat.  i'm steering clear of all downstairs territories, obviously, and i've been sleeping most of the day.  we're having relatives over for dinner, but i'm not sure when.   i feel like a kid who's home sick- generally unclear about the time, suddenly fascinated by anyone walking past outside, gleaning intel. from overheard phone conversations, which take place on their land line- so cute.

wow, this was pretty decent for someone using nyquil.  plus, in the middle of this post i wrote an xmas card, in italian, to my grandmother, which also looks solid.    should i take nyquil regularly?  :)  tell me in the comments.  

and again, happy holidays and much love!