Our Real Problems Are Ones We Never See Coming

On Friday I caught up with a friend who told me one of his friends just started a food blog. "What's the URL?" I asked, "I'll check it out."

"He's not ready to share it publicly," my friend explained. 

The blogger is anxious about judgment, ridicule, and criticism, making him afraid to publish.  I smiled to myself and empathized.  I also thought, Dude, nothing’s going to happen.  Sneers from all corners are highly unlikely.  If he's invested in worry, he should consider the opposite situation—no responses.

His concern reminded me of how we invent and obsess over worst-case scenarios that never occur.  After weeks, months, or years of our fantasies, we’re blindsided by our actual problems.

Think back to terrible situations you predicted.  How many happened?  Probably none.  And I bet your worst experiences came out of nowhere

It never ceases to amaze me how our worst fears fail to materialize.

Once you’ve digested that, the question becomes, how will you feel when the problems you never considered are the ones you end up having?