postsecret live!

tonight i’m doing something i’ve literally been trying to accomplish for years—see frank warren live. 

who’s that?  he’s the guy who, in 2004, passed out self-addressed postcards in D.C. with a note for strangers to write a secret on them—anything truthful they never told anyone else—and return them.  which they did.  in overwhelming fashion.  

since then, people around the world have anonymously mailed more than half a million homemade postcards bearing secrets. 

the project has transformed into warren’s full-time job, and produced five books, a (sadly) short-lived app, museum exhibits, live worldwide tours, a play, and most-impressively, the world’s largest ad-free blog,

here’s more remarkable background on the start of postsecret.  i’d read it.  paris and a lucid dream are involved.

every Sunday morning 20 new secrets appear on the site.  i’d be lying if i didn’t mention one great thing about living in LA is sometimes the secrets are available to me on Saturday night, thanks to the time difference. 

some weeks i’m blown away by the anguishing confessions and the amount of mental and emotional space they must take up inside and hope the sender got solace from finally sharing.  other times it’s hard to understand the secret’s context and i feel left in the cold.

i’ve sent in several postcards and one—the most embarrassing and funniest, naturally—made it to the site several years ago.  no, i’m not sharing it.