remember this the next time someone is obnoxious

rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength is one of the first pins i added to my pinterest account, back in fall 2011.  it’s become a priceless mantra in subsequent years.

i always intended to write about the quote, but when four people across the café porch where i worked yesterday talked at a volume indicating they were the last people on earth, i knew the time was right.

although i gleefully used my relentless stare, none of them made eye contact with me.  can we agree it’s much harder to avoid looking at people than occasionally meeting their gaze?  plus, it goes against our natural human tendency to socialize, or at least acknowledge each other.  so i don’t buy them never looking at me.  but maybe they were the kind of LA people who look through you if you aren’t in their posse.  

the quote reminds me how rude people want the self-possession and indifference to attention the strong display.  that nothing-to-prove-ness is irritating when you lack it.

a deceptive aspect of strength is how controlling it appears.  but strong people are just decisive.  the cheap version of knowing and expressing what you want is through demands, aggression, and force.   rudeness gives people the feeling of being in charge and commanding respect but it backfires, announcing their shortcomings instead.

think of rude people like younger siblings imperfectly imitating older ones.  they want to belong, they just don’t know how. 


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