the simplest way to learn more

“You never learn anything by listening to yourself speak.” – Sir Richard Branson

do you dare imagine a world where people approach conversations like this? 

a place where, instead of waiting to blabber about themselves, they recognized the hidden value inside others.  i get misty-eyed just envisioning it.  until society catches up, use this concept to your advantage. 

because there’s no losing with it.  trust me, you’ll find out soon enough if they’re awful.  people can only hide their tea cozy collections for so long and ego maniacs betray themselves.  and if the person's fascinating, the potential is limitless. 

just by observing body language you’re picking up social feedback.  plus, people feel important and listened to when they’re politely pelted with questions.  

when the goal changes from how much can i say about myself? to how much can i learn? you win by default. 

get inquisitive.  even if you have to fake it.  maybe others will follow your lead.