arbiter of cool, issue 3

song: gooey

i sang this in my head a lot during vipassana.

"Gooey" from ZABA, the debut album from Glass Animals.


"the measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - albert einstein


this week’s article is titled “a leslie knope in a world full of liz lemons” by hanna brooks olsen via medium.  

its powerful argument is essentially, “liz lemon is who the world wants you to be.  leslie knope is who you should aim to be.”

truthfully, i watched both shows and didn’t think too deeply about either.  they were just delicious, 20-minute, weekly laughter therapy sessions.  (i know parks and rec is still on, i just cut down on tv)

if forced to choose, jack donaghy (30 rock) and ron swanson (parks and rec) were my favorite characters.  (have i mentioned i don’t like following rules?)

but i recognize i’m probably an exception.  i get her point and am not here as a hair-splitting monster.  it’s unfortunate women reduce themselves, ala liz lemon, but it’s a conscious choice.  every.  single.  time. 

here’s the writer’s twitter account.  i’d follow her if i had an account/could deal with the gross interface. 

something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful:

the 100 day challenge!  i am so excited about this.  here’s how it works:

  • you choose an action to repeat daily for 100 days
  • document each repetition with a photograph or video
  • post them to instagram

read more about it on  

i haven’t decided yet, but think i might need to dance or draw my dreams every day for 100 days.  it doesn't start until april, so you've got time and thus, no excuses for not participating.

will you join me?  what will you do?