arbiter of cool, issue 7

  • song: "airwaves" by ray lamontagne

forget all that soon-to-return game of thrones “winter is coming” nonsense.  SUMMER is coming.  and this is the musical proof.

Ray LaMontagne performing Airwaves. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

  • quote 

"and one thing is sure, no matter what: i won't get any better by punishing the people i can't heal." from "the elegance of the hedgehog" by muriel barbery

  • article

i love these honest and compassionate tips by adam j. kurtz, via  he's a self-proclaimed "serious person," but actually not too extreme, all things considered.  

  • something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful

have i mentioned my obsession with the former eastern bloc?  no?  well, it is real and profound.  

here are photos from photographer David Hlynsky's collection of shop windows taken throughout the former USSR from 1986 to 1990.  they're from his book,  Window Shopping Through the Iron Curtain.  they are so fascinating and restful for the eyes.