arbiter of cool, issue 5

song: lover's spit by broken social scene

i had just started college when this song came out.  unreal.

HQ version of the Broken Social Scene video for the single taken from "You Forgot it in People" (2002) produced by David Newfeld, directed by George Vale.


"vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change."—brene brown, in "daring greatly," which i'm finally, finally reading.  


"The Best Decade Ever? The 1990s, Obviously" from the NYTimes.  it makes a lot of points i'd forgotten about.  and, it's probably accurate.

something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful:

unstuck, an awesome website and app that helps you figure out your holdup and move past it constructively.  i look forward to using it more.  the site is really intuitive.