arbiter of cool, issue 9

  • song: "beggin for thread" by banks

this reminds me of songs that become popular in Italy, mostly because it's catchy and danceable, and then are played all.  over.  the.  place.  

i like the official video but it’s a little racy so i posted the lyric one.  instead, visualize this: driving around rome with your Italian cousins who want to listen to some dopey queen album for the one millionth time but you insist on keeping the radio on so you can listen to this instead.

...and they relent, because you're their cool (and only) american cousin.

  • quote

“conspicuous, frequent consumption of luxury goods is one of the most honest admissions of feelings of low self-worth. The solution to feeling insufficient love in your life is not acquiring more shiny but ultimately useless dreck but rather engaging in acts of service and nurturing your relationships.” – Dr. Ali Binazir

  • article

how obsession fuels genius,” an up-by-his-bootstraps account by Harold O’Neal, a musician, actor, dancer, and entertainer.  

the gist: “Does my peace of mind result from being hyper-focused? Or do I gain the ability to be hyper-focused when I’m at peace?”

  • something inspiring/exciting/beautiful/powerful

in "Earth Temples," Slovene photographer Matjaz Krivic explains his quest to find the world’s silent spaces.  spoiler: none are in the U.S.  just looking at the photos is relaxing.  try it!  thanks, maptia!