arbiter of cool, issue 17

fun friday song alert!  a friend sent me this track as part of a mix.  i first listened to it while driving, thought "wait, WHAT?" and simultaneously slowed down and turned up the volume.  in an "only in America" bonus, the lead singer taught French at Barnard.  

© 2011 WMG Download: Directed by: Nina Nourizadeh. Chromeo Tour Dates:

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"when you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt." - Honore de Balzac 

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here's a fun essay on Medium that seems like real estate advice but is actually decision-making advice.  the writer, Graham Lea, is a Sydney-based software engineer and creator of the Big Decisions app, which helps you, uh, make decisions.  follow him on twitter, where he's got the enviably simple handle @evolvable.

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michelangelo drew grocery list items to help out the illiterate servants who shopped for him.  so many objects are circular!  i hope they got the order right.  he was a tad temperamental.  (why am i worried about people who've been dead for centuries?)  photo from viralscape.  many thanks to Emily Frost for the link!