“but she won the game”

who am i you ask? i’m the kid who, as a 3-year-old, employed vigilante justice on the fly after losing a game.  the victim was monica, my best friend at the time.  we used to hang at her place after pre-school because both my parents worked full-time.

her house had a bar in the basement and the two of us always went there because we got served even as 3-year-olds.  joking.  i’m 90% sure the bar was just full of toys.

by the way, why were basement bars such a thing in the 80’s?  all that stair climbing after access to a full bar?  evidently no one was thinking clearly…because of all the basement drinking. 

anyway, we as we battled it out over some poor man’s version of candy land— I recall it was entirely primary colors plus green—i knew she was about to win and felt the dread of impending crappy board game loss.  it was too powerful to bear so i grabbed her chubby hand and looked up, pondering my next move.  that’s when i noticed the bar’s mirrored back, reflecting our little faces—victor aside sore loser.  inspiration struck and i bit her hand while watching myself in the mirror.  so, that’s me.