"take your time"...and Chinese food

most expressions are moronic.  but there’s one i cherish. 

take your time  

you’re essentially saying, slow down, but thanks to its implications, take your time goes further.  

it hints that time is allotted, assigned to you.  there’s no need to hurry because you’re in charge of how it’s used.

i think of the expression like,

here’s your time, like a take-out order of Chinese food, kept warm in the kitchen and neatly arranged in a sturdy, white plastic bag.    

but unlike Chinese food, you don’t need to place an order.  time is yours from the beginning.  and the order is always correct, with ample fortune cookies and soy sauce

the only bummer in this Chinese food/time analogy is how we rely on others for it.  they tell us to take our time and hand over our dinner. 

but what if we told ourselves “take your time”?  

if we didn’t need an external reminder?  to get you started, i turn to The S.O.S. Band.  visionary and looking out for us back in 1980, when hardly anyone was thinking clearly, they knew what was up.