The Connection Between Situations and Routines

"Condition and habit, in yoga, are interchangeable."  

A yoga teacher dropped this gem in class the other week.  It sounded amazing.  Barely able to wait, I chanted the line in my head until I could jot it down.  The “interchangeable” aspect blew my mind.  It felt haunting, spooky.  Let’s look at the concept super simply. 

What are conditions, in this case?   They’re "the way things are," our state of affairs, the current status.  And habits, of course, are routines, tendencies, patterns.  Said differently, we are (condition) what we do (habit).  

Basically, your situation reinforces your actions. And your routines determine your state of affairs.

We hide behind “the way things are” and wonder why it’s hard to change.  Because our habits reinforce business as usual!  The routines create an ecosystem for the condition to take hold.  And the status quo sets up parameters for your habits.

Do you think your behaviors affect your results?  How?

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