the God jar

in the last week of The Artist’s Way course, author Julia Cameron gives a small but powerful suggestion.  she recommends creating a “God jar,” a container or box to collect scraps of paper listing your

  • worries,
  • fears,
  • resentments,
  • hopes, and
  • dreams

this way, when you freak out, “remind yourself it’s in the jar—“God’s got it.”  then take the next action,” she says. 

appealing and constructive, right?  and you don’t have to use “god,” just whatever benevolent force you trust.   separating those thoughts from the rest of your life is essential.  it gets them physically and psychologically off your plate

when i did The Artist’s Way course two years ago, i used the jar a lot but haven’t in a while.  i wonder whether since it’s accessible to me, i don’t need it as much. 

i don’t worry much in general any more.  i’ve never filled the jar, but initially it got about half full and i emptied it.  in my experience, as soon as i added ideas to the jar, i stopped thinking about them.   are you willing to try it?  

below is my god jar.  i clearly went nuts with the washi tape but i have no regrets.