The One Essential App

Hey, reader!  Remember when I wrote about last year?  I’ll wait while you scratch your head. 

You probably skimmed the post but did nothing about my recommendation because, oh Julia and her wacky stuff

I’m not offended.  Instead, I’m back to announce released an app for iOS!!  I’m using it as I type right now and it’s magical as ever.

It's an exciting development because the app is as close as we can currently get to having brain-helping music at the ready

On a personal note, it moves me closer to a lifetime goal of never again overhearing an inane conversation.  In short, everyone wins with  Plus, their mascot dude is smiling, so that’s an excellent start:

2016-11-01 10.23.16.png
categories 1 10.01.46.png

There's a designated nap category, guys. wants us to nap better.  Need I say more?

Within these categories, or mental states, there are tons of sound options: chimes and bowls, underwater, thunder, wind, cinematic.  

They offer three price options: monthly, yearly, and forever.  Monthly runs $6.95, yearly is $3.99 per month, and forever is a one-time investment of $149.99.  Here’s the full story

Everyone gets seven free sessions!  On the app, nonetheless, so get listening and help your brain help you.