the poorest guy on the block is not who you think

i saw the following exchange while walking to my car last week.

car A was leaving the parking spot, car B was ahead of A, waiting to back into spot, when car C (“the monster”), swooped in from behind and grabbed it.

outrageous, right?  this kerfuffle took place between two Mercedes drivers, with the larger one, an SUV, losing out to a sedan.  what is the world coming to when even the automotive hierarchy is crumbling?

before driving away, car B backed up and the driver delivered a few choice words to car C.  when confronted, he threw up his hands.  maybe it was an insanity defense.  i was too far away to hear and didn’t want to get closer. 

since i’m writing, you already know the point lies deep.  clearly the driver of car C was out of control.  few of us would do what he did—even for street parking on the west side—but although we wouldn't act on them, we may subconsciously share his beliefs.  his extreme behavior is a great example of the scarcity mindset, where you think everything is limited and therefore selfishness is better than generosity.  because there isn't enough for everyone, so you better get it (spouse, house, designer jeans) before others can.

here’s how it played out with car C:  

  • it’s him against the world, meaning 
  • if he didn’t take care of himself, no one would.  driven by fear, he thinks
  • the only way to achieve in life is by aggression.  he’s the kid who scoops up every piece of candy when the piñata breaks and refuses to share.  grab and hoard, grab and hoard becomes his modus operandi, thanks to his
  • belief that was the world’s last parking spot! (scarcity mentality)
  • which implies no faith, no trust, so
  • he’s fighting a benevolent energy that could help if he’d work with it

trust is a decision.  in every arena and at every moment.   the shift to believing in abundance transformed my life.  i’ll devote a post to it soon, but in the mean time, evaluate your perspective.  is there enough of everything for everyone or are you fearful of running out?