the state of knowing

**this is the final part in a series about Trevor Blake's Three Simple Steps.  here's part one and part two.**

in 2012, i desperately wanted a Twistband hair tie.   they look like this:

i know, so goofy.  such a low-aiming goal.  but they were cool and promised not to damage your hair.  with a mane like mine, you tune in to such assurances.  i didn’t even know what they were called, i’d just see them on wrists of women in public i couldn’t get a hold of.

my summer 2012 Firefox search history (yes, i checked) included every imaginable combination of elastic, ribbon, hair tie, best, healthy, and, inexplicably, yoga.

i couldn’t find them.  nor could i stop thinking about them.

my birthday came and a friend I’d reconnected with a couple months before got me a present.  when i opened the box, there it was!  a lavender hair tie.  “i’ve wanted one of these!”  i yelled.  finally, in my hands, was the object of my yearning.  it was exhilarating.  

my friend divulged their name—Twistband!

according to Trevor Blake, i was in the state of desire, the lowest level of success.  that yearning is often a vague wish for a better job or house but lacks specifications.  keep in mind, i didn’t even know the name of what i wanted.  it's impressive i got it at all.

the highest version and the final step in Blake’s book is living in a sense of knowing.  that's when we’re certain of transforming thoughts into things, energy into matter. 

there is “no doubt about its attainment.  The removal of doubt comes about because we have clarity in the detail of what it is we want.”

i live in a sense of knowing about finding parking.  but when i’m with others, who say things like, “ugh.  i hope we find a spot…” guess what?  it takes longer.  i kid you not.  the others’ doubt weighs us down.

my tale of exponential hair tie accumulation didn’t end there. when i Googled Twistbands, i found they sell for about $2 each!  appalling.  now my mission became "find ‘em cheap."  

Etsy sellers carry the elastic for a fraction of the price, just a few dollars per yard.  i order it in bulk, cut and knot the elastic and seal the edge with a candle flame.  these days, i have more homemade hair ties than i know what to do with.  

before i leave you, a distinction between goals and intentions.  Blake defines an intention as a goal but “with all doubt about its attainment removed.”  the direction of effort reverses.  in reaching goals, we send energy to the outcome.  with intentions, we pull the result towards us.

happy pulling!

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